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Word Root Type Definition
Hunaš H-N-Š nominal (classless) Languavarth
Hunaž H-N-Š nominal (azat) a Languavardian
Hānaš H-N-Š nominal (classless) the Languavardic language
Hānaž H-N-Š nominal (azat) a speaker of the Languavardic language
Mihūdiyaš M-H-T nominal (classless) Mechyrdia
Mihūdiyaž M-H-T nominal (azat) a Mechyrdian
Qisāh Q-S-H nominal (azat) emperor, hereditary leader
qāluš Q-L-Š nominal (azat) president, elected leader
qalšaq Q-L-Š nominal (azat) governor, subordinate leader
-išap (none) suffix - forms nominal (buras) country, tribe
Muhat M-H-T nominal (classless) Mechyrdia (planet)
Muhad M-H-T nominal (azat) a human
Māhat M-H-T nominal (classless) the Mechyrdian language
Māhad M-H-T nominal (azat) a speaker of the Mechyrdian language
utahal W-T-H verb to ask
witah W-T-H nominal (azat) a question
wātah W-T-H nominal (buras) hearing, tribunal, inquisition
wātar W-T-H nominal (azat) judge, inquisitor, interrogator
tamil T-M-Y verb to inform
tamāyal T-M-Y verb to spy on
timayš T-M-Y nominal (buras) information
tāmayš T-M-Y nominal (azat) spy, informant
tāyal T-Y-L verb to teach
tīl T-Y-L verb to learn
tilāš T-Y-L verb wisdom, knowledge
taylaš T-Y-L nominal (azat) teacher
tilaš T-Y-L nominal (azat) student
tilaž T-Y-L nominal (buras) class, student body
buras B-R-S nominal (buras) money, wealth
buraz B-R-S nominal (azat) coin, piece of currency
hansil H-N-S verb to speak (a language)
hansal H-N-S verb to say, tell
hansūtāhil H-N-S compounded with W-T-H verb to answer (a question)
hansūtah H-N-S compounded with W-T-H nominal (azat) an answer (to a question)
hansūtar H-N-S compounded with W-T-H nominal (azat) respondent (someone who answers a question)


Root Meanings
M-H-T Mechyrdia, humanity
H-N-Š Languavarth, the Languavardic species
H-N-S speech, language
Q-S-H rule by wise elites, aristocracy, technocracy, geniocracy
Q-L-Š rule by corrupt politicians, kakistocracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy
W-T-H questioning
T-M-Y information, espionage
T-Y-L knowledge, wisdom
B-R-S wealth, money