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Welcome to Franciscus Rex!

This is my personal website, where I store the things that need to be stored on the internet.

Contact info

I can be reached at @Lord Adornable#4011 on Discord. That's the only contact that I'm willing to give out. Everything else has personal information that I'm keeping secret.

Wélvént i Rétsit Officinum Réhtis Méhurdiasi!

That's Mechyrdian for "Welcome to the official website of the Mechyrdian government!"

This website doubles as a factbook collection for my various NationStates that I have, the most notable of which is Mechyrdia (

I also have a Discord server for Mechyrdia. The invite code is PxfJNfd. You'll only be able to access most of the features of the server if you have a NationState of your own.