Private Armed Settlers

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A Private Armed Settler (Mec. Sifþincans Warintenans Gradór, SWG) is an individual or group of individuals who is licensed to rent military ships and troops for the purpose of conquering territory to add to Mechyrdia. They are given a license to rent military equipment at an individually negotiated plan; this equipment typically includes a crewed ship (or occasionally multiple) and a company of soldiers. In exchange, they are tasked with exploring uncharted territory and bringing it under Mechyrdian authority.

There are two types of SWG licenses that Mechyrdian citizens may apply for: the first is a subordinate licence, the second is an autonomous license. A subordinate license forces its owner to obey the orders of Mechyrdian government institutions; the territory that they bring into their influence is annexed directly into the Empire. Subordinate licensed SWGs are also subject to government inspections, albeit rarely. Despite these limitations, the subordinate license does allow its owner to conduct diplomacy in the Empire's name; these diplomatic acts can however be vetoed by official diplomats and ambassadors.

By contrast, an autonomous license allows its owner to establish his or her own satellite state within Mechyrdia's sphere of influence. These satellite states vary in autonomy. Some are almost as tightly coupled as Mechyrdian sectors, forced to have a Mechyrdian military presence and not allowed to conduct independent diplomacy. Others are effectively independent, only required to pay their taxes to Mechyrdia, all other things being entirely out of the capital's jurisdiction. However, these perks come at a cost: owners of autonomous licenses are not allowed to conduct diplomacy for Mechyrdia; either they enact their own foreign policy or their diplomatic relations are entirely controlled by Mechyrdia.

SWG licenses, once given to an individual, may be traded freely. They are kept under close watch by the government, however, and any misbehavior will likely result in not only the revocation of the offending license, but also its owner and anyone else responsible being duly punished.

Notable SWGs

  • Pawel Malencówić Wrencarów (autonomous): The first man to venture outside of the Mechyrdian galaxy. Also the founder of the Vrencaran Dominate, an authoritarian kingdom that seeks to conquer the entire Andromeda galaxy and subjugate everyone under its iron heel. To this day, the Dominate still exists under Lady-Marshal Jósefin Octavića Wrencarówa, and still pays its taxes to Mechyrdia.
  • Śtasi Gawriellić Krennówa (subordinate): Discovered a primitive land on a far-away planet. Used Mechyrdian technology to make herself look like a deity to the locals. After making increasingly insane demands, such as ordering that entire towns be sacrificed by being thrown into an active volcano, the Mechyrdian military would eventually arrest her for creating a cult. She was given a life sentence on a penal colony.
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