Pshalam Mureth Vahalia

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Vahalia Prevkas-Nahra Stertskas
Pshalam Mureth Tulasram
Vahalia Stertskas.png
Holy Order Order of the Bloody Star
(Ordo Knasras Helas)
Accepted into Holy Order 14 Commercis 137
Anointed Pshalam Mureth 27 Patriheti 144
Patron God(dess) Magnar
Previous Kelkara Anhas-Nahra Makrias

Vahalia Prevkas-Nahra Stertskas Magnas-Rho'et is the chief priestess of the Tylan Kyriaca. She became the Pshalam Mureth (Tyl. First Priestess) on 27 Patriheti 144, and attained immortality upon her anointing in the Well of Souls.

Prior to becoming the First Priestess, Vahalia was the Gubernatorial Chaplain of the Wostoctyla sector beginning in 141, and also the first Magistra of Social Media of the Tylan Kyriaca beginning in 142.

In political affairs the Kyriaca under Vahalia has always been the first to call for reform when she felt reform was needed, and recently supported Ciar Nicólei III's attempt at bringing it about. During Chancellor Basileiów's term, Vahalia has served as one of the Chancellor's unofficial ministers, advising Basileiów on matters relating to the Tylan people and faith.

Early life

Vahalia was born Vahalia Prevkas-Nahra Stertskas on Vensca, Wostoctyla on 31 Hómiheti 119. Her mother, Prevka Rodinas-Nahra Stertskas Riksas-Rho'et, was a teacher of Olympian Latin. Her father, Makasiar Solas-Nahra Stertskas Tuja-Rho'et, was a captain in the Tylan Navy. Both died in 158, during the Ferthlon Insurrection, when the Children of Divinity traitor polemarchy bombed the planet where they were vacationing.

Vahalia attended school at the Kjarikja Alechandra I Akademia (Tyl. Empress Alehandra I Academy). During her Machsuvan ceremony, Vahalia chose Magnar as her patron god, as she has always desired to learn more about the universe. After graduation from school, she attended university at the Texandria Science Institute where she studied theology and particle physics, and finally graduated mit großem Lob.

On 14 Commercis 137, First Priestess Kelkara Anhas-Nahra Makrias ordained Vahalia in the Order of the Bloody Star. From 138 to 139, Vahalia taught circumspace mechanics and worked as the personal apprentice to Pshalam Mureth Kelkara.

The Order of the Bloody Star

In 138, Vahalia appointed to the ruling council of the Order of the Bloody Star, one of Wostoctyla's ruling councils. There, she was almost exiled from Tyla due to her reformist tendencies, but she eventually managed to win the hearts of the rest of the council.

After the Arkant Horde invaded Mechyrdia, Vahalia directed relief efforts during the Reconquest of the West, as well as serving as the Naval Chaplain of the Tylan Reconquest Fleet.

Vahalia was also the one who opened up the Kyriaca's official Sirkuta account, becoming the first Magistra of Social Media of the Tylan Kyriaca.

Becoming the First Priestess

On 19 Patriheti 144, Vahalia entered into the Inner Sanctum on Tyla, and was anointed in the Well of Souls, becoming immortal and ageless in the process. By Tylan religious law, this required her to prepare for a duel to the death with the current Pshalam Mureth, who at the time was Kelkara Makrias. This duel was held on the 26th, ending in Kelkara's death. Vahalia was enthroned as the new Pshalam Mureth on the following day.

The First Priestess

In 157, during the Ferthlon Insurrection, Vahalia's leadership of the Kyriaca would be challenged by pro-Ferthlon priestess Lukara Althanas-Nahra Vrakjalas, who was secretly anointed in the Well of Souls without Vahalia's knowledge. This was against Tylan religious law, however the nature of the Insurrection made the traitors desperate. Lukara engaged Vahalia in a duel to the death, but Vahalia emerged victorious.

In retaliation, the Ferthlon rebels bombed Vahalia's vacation home on Vensca, killing her parents. This greatly angered Vahalia, who declared that the traitor forces are heretics and blasphemers, and used every asset of the Tylan Kyriaca to destroy them. After the end of the civil war, Vahalia led the charge to purge the Tylan Kyriaca of any pro-Ferthlon sympathies.

Vahalia was the one to suggest to Chancellor Marcanów the idea of the Marcanów doctrine, as she felt that such a doctrine would ebe the best way to ensure that Mechyrdia would stay a modern nation.

During the Great Galactic War, Vahalia mobilized the Tylan religious orders for war against the Ilkhan Commune, in order to bolster the Mechyrdian forces fighting on the front. At the end of the war, Vahalia was originally against partitioning Ilkhai with the Fulkreykski, preferring to make it a neutral state, however she eventually changed her mind after the Ilkhan War and the unification under the Mechyrdian-allied Ilkhan Republic.

In 251, Vahalia recommended Marc Adlerić Basilerów as a candidate for Chancellor of Mechyrdia to Emperor Nicholas III. Nicholas accepted the recommendation, and appointed Basileiów to the Chancellory in 252.

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