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|basic, elementary, fundamental
|basic, elementary, fundamental
!lagsar, lagsas
|noun (terrestrial)
!kamaret, kamare
|noun (ethereal)
!vulkar, vulka, vulkam

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Word Type Definition
vargeth, varge noun (spiritual) god, deity
ornea adv. even
vrastan verb to see, look at, glance at
to read information about, learn about by observing
(programming) to get a property
ivrastan verb to know, understand
to have knowledge of by past observation or reading
kevrastan verb to watch, observe, continue looking at
to monitor, spy on
kato, katones noun (terrestrial) person
thronam, thronas noun (spiritual) throne (Mechyrdian currency)
(plural) money
vranen verb to give
roet, roe noun (ethereal) death
helar, helas noun (terrestrial) star
miha, mihas noun (ethereal) device, machine
truhan verb to use, utilize, make use of
refvar, refvas noun (terrestrial) city, settlement
srangan verb to kill, destroy, remove from existence
vael, vael noun (ethereal) life, living, state of being alive
home, place where one lives
teru, terunes noun (terrestrial) planet, world
prau adverb now
just now
vreokan verb (with dative) to avenge
(with accusative) take revenge upon
kjar, kjaros noun (ethereal) emperor, Ciar (of Mechyrdia)
vretar/vreta, vretas noun (terrestrial/ethereal) prince, princess, leader of a principality
preula chjan interjection (antiquated) ahoy!
(literal) May strength be with you
preula, preulas noun (ethereal) power
chjan verb to come to the listener
prolchan interjection hello
irekentan verb to inject (into a vein)
to mainline
Usage note: the substance being injected is the accusative object, the body part into which it is being injected is the dative object.
kentan verb to send, throw
(programming) to invoke a method/function
vsotam, vsotas noun (spiritual) nipple
ketami, ketamines noun (terrestrial) ketamine
kouran verb to die, be killed
Usage note: this refers to dying by either natural causes or by suicide.
dhakrajan verb to die, be killed
Usage note: this refers to dying by being killed by another person.
krajan verb to kill
tan conjunction and
Preula chjan! Sig irekento prau vsotamas seolamas ketami, tan kourava! sentence (very useful) Ahoy! I just mainlined ketamine into my nipples, and I'm going to die!
kjal, kjal, kjal adjective long (in space)
godhar, godhas noun (terrestrial) car, automobile
(Mechyrdian Navy) shuttlecraft
kjalgodhar, kjalgodhas noun (terrestrial) train, locomotive
dvanar, dvana, dvanam adjective long (in time)
taerho'en verb to precede, go before
rho'en verb to go
to execute (a command, program)
ire preposition in, at
Usage note: used when referring to a large location, e.g. a city or planet.
mran preposition in, inside of
Usage note: used when referring to a container, e.g. a box, jar, or compressed archive file.
roman preposition into, towards the inside of
fnach preposition at
Usage note: used when referring to the address of something.
f. preposition abbreviation of fnach
hjola, hjolas noun (ethereal) request
i preposition up
o preposition down
vtach preposition with, together with, accompanied by
ivtach interjection up with
ovtach interjection down with
vtachashtam noun (spiritual) synarchy, harmonious government
vran adverb only
loaren verb to stop, wait, pause
Usage note: used when something is stopped temporarily, e.g. a vehicle, movie, etc.
och exclamation oh! (exclamation of surprise)
Tiskar dhalo modhae kalka. proverb Shit happens.
Tiskar kalka. proverb shorter version of Tiskar dhalo modhae kalka.
tisk! interjection shit!
tiskar, tiskas noun (terrestrial) (vulgar) shit, feces
sakksalig, sakksalag, sakksalog adjective human
anrho'en verb bring (+ACC) away from (+DAT)
rolar, rolas noun (terrestrial) tyranny
trithten verb to trust
nau(-) particle/prefix not, don't, (inverter)
pshalam noun (spiritual) priest, holy person
vrennakshar noun (terrestrial) revolution
vrennar, vrenna, vrennam adjective changed, repaired, fixed
kshar noun (terrestrial) war
vlarhet noun (terrestrial) spear
rhet, rhe noun (ethereal) word
eunam, eunas noun (spiritual) honor
doulgan verb to obey
Sida meura (name). sentence My name is (name).
alshar verb (irregular, impersonal, invariable) It is impossible that (+INF)
krenstan verb execute, put to death
vrouskan verb show mercy to, pardon
shtasrar (M)/shtasra (F), shtasras noun (terrestrial/ethereal) member of a Tylan house
shtam, shtas noun (spiritual) house
(as suffix) state, government of
nerig, neris noun (terrestrial) father
satta, sattas noun (ethereal) mother
vkachtan verb to speak
dhavkachtan verb to listen
kjot, kjo noun (terrestrial) skull
skevan verb to take, collect
althan verb to win
althanan verb to conquer
skala, skalas noun (ethereal) (programming) function, method
ro preposition to, towards
rotsen verb to be present
an preposition out of, away from
antsen verb to be absent
luchar, luchas noun (terrestrial) cycle, circle
teruluchar, teruluchas noun (terrestrial) day, period of one rotation of a planet/moon (usually Tyla)
lasaluchar, lasaluchas noun (terrestrial) month, period of one revolution of Tyla around Helasatta
racholuchar, racholuchas noun (terrestrial) year, period of one revolution of a planet around its star (usually Helasatta around Turacholam)
terar, teras noun (terrestrial) short for teruluchar
lasar, lasas noun (terrestrial) short for lasaluchar
rachar, rachas noun (terrestrial) short for racholuchar
cholam, cholas noun (spiritual) void, soulless being
black hole, gravitational singularity
shtaheth, shtahe noun (spiritual) motherland, homeland
-srar, -sra, -sram adjectival suffix of or pertaining to; -ian, -ish
-heth, -he nominal suffix (spiritual) state of being; -ness, -dom, -hood
location of; -ia, -land
-an adverbial suffix in that manner; -ly (attached to adjectives)
velam, velas noun (spiritual) feeling, energy, aura, vibe
velan verb to vibe
muret, muret, mureth ordinal first
Pshalam Mureth, Pshalas Mure noun (spiritual) chief religious official, Pontifex Maximus
hjal, hjal, hjal numeral one-half
hjalan adverb (slang) kinda
thnach adverb however, nonetheless, though
Usage note: thnach intensifies the contrasting sentence, unlike thaun.
thaun adverb but, however
Usage note: thaun does not intensify the contrasting sentence, unlike thnach.
Var velat hjalan, thnach. sentence (very useful) He kinda vibin', tho.
foram, foras noun (spiritual) market, forum
(by extension) public/community website, internet forum
vkachtam noun (spiritual) speech, sermon
vkacheth, vkache noun (spiritual) blog, individually-run website
psen verb to inspire
pseth, pse noun (spiritual) inspiration
-knar, -kna, -knam adjectival suffix characterized by doing/bringing
ordo, ordines noun (spiritual) religious order
knas, knan noun (terrestrial plural) blood
kuriakam, kuriakas noun (spiritual) temple, building dedicated to the Tylan Pantheon
(plural) the Tylan religious institution
pra preposition across
pravkachtan verb to translate
translaten verb to poorly translate using machine translation software
nochar, nochas noun (terrestrial) king
nocha, nochas noun (ethereal) queen
domnar, domnas noun (terrestrial) duke
domna, domnas noun (ethereal) duchess
erlar, erlas noun (terrestrial) count
erla, erlas noun (terrestrial) countess
baro, barones noun (terrestrial/ethereal) baron, baroness
moashtam, moashtas noun (spiritual) republic, democracy
tertha, terthas noun (ethereal) tribe
lumtar, lumta, lumtam adjective united
lumtan verb to unite
kauvam, kauvas noun (spiritual) water
brokar, brokas noun (terrestrial) small river, creek
mo, mones noun (ethereal) mountain, hill
tmora, tmoras noun (ethereal) lake, pond
vretashtam, vretashtas noun (spiritual) principality
marsha, marshas noun (ethereal) march, mark, border watch
vret, vret, vreth adjective new
korta, kortas noun (ethereal) stone, rock
elivar, elivas noun (terrestrial) bandit, thief
vsartar, vsarta, vsartam adjective black
vrae adjective (indeclinable) free
magra, magras noun (ethereal) gem, crystal, shiny non-metallic rock
auftar, auftas noun (terrestrial) frontier
mrokar, mroka, mrokam adjective north, northern
stevar, steva, stevas adjective west, western
kitadela, kitadelas noun (ethereal) tower, keep, fortress
vlikjar, vlikja, vlikjam adjective great, grand
eskobar, eskobas noun (terrestrial) island
heria, herias noun (ethereal) army
vo'ar, vo'as noun (terrestrial) tree
vgola, vgolas noun (ethereal) large river
refvashtam, refvashtas noun (spiritual) commonwealth
city-state, urban republic
(slang) hipster elite
vrassar, vrassas noun (terrestrial) sword
chorvtar, chorvta, chorvtam adjective bronze, made of bronze
vsartakorta, vsartakortas noun (ethereal) (40K) blackstone
Kitadela Vsartakortasra, Kitadelas Vsartakortasras noun (ethereal) (40K) Blackstone Fortress
sventar, sventa, sventam adjective iron, made of iron
ar'hja, ar'hjas noun (ethereal) guard, guard organization, security service
torka, torkas noun (ethereal) torque, rotational force
lumtashtam, lumtashtas noun (spiritual) union, federation
rasna, rasnas noun (ethereal) people, tribe, folk, nation
rasnashtam, rasnashtas noun (spiritual) nation-state
rasnapreular, rasnapreula, rasnapreulam adjective democratic
shtashtam, shtashtas noun (spiritual) government
vot, vo noun (terrestria/ethereal) Mr., Ms., Mrs., pretitle for referring to someone by their family name
vorstar/vorsta, vorstas noun (terrestrial/ethereal) leader, chancellor (of Mechyrdia)
vorstashtam, vorstashtas noun (spiritual) country, state
akta preposition against
then verb to say
aktathen verb to insult, condemn
thetan verb to dictate
thetar, thetas noun (terrestrial) dictator, tyrant
thetashtam, thetashtas noun (spiritual) dictatorship, autocracy
-thar, -tha, -tham adjectival suffix -ed, -ate, -like; forms adjectives that denote possession of a quality
-uffar, -uffa, -uffam adjectival suffix belonging to, derived from
-thovar, -thova, -thovam adjectival suffix forms adjectives denoting a relation to a root noun or its related actions
-thovam, -thovas nominal suffix (spiritual) forms nouns indicating a pertinence to, or a state of being resulting from, an action
psal, psal noun (terrestrial) fire
psalan verb to burn
kjeg preposition on, on top of, on the surface of
kjepsalan verb to burn onto, imprint by heat- or light-activated chemicals
kjepsal, kjepsal noun (terrestrial) press, media, print-based newspapers
Historical note: Tylans never developed a printing press; instead, they developed a print-burner, which uses the bark of underground trees known as ksalreivanas. This bark was normally black, but when sliced very thin, and exposed to bright light, it turned white. When treated in acetic acid, it would keep its color and no longer change in light. Early printing companies used this bark to print newspapers with, thus the name kjepsal for the press.
reivan verb to fear, hate, avoid
ksal, ksal noun (ethereal) light
kali, kalines noun (spiritual) beauty
kalina, kalinas noun (ethereal) A type of flower that blooms on the snow-covered mountains of Tyla.
Kalina, Kalinas noun (ethereal) A female given name
meuram, meuras noun (spiritual) name
ulnola, ulnolas noun (ethereal) A type of pollinator insect native to Tyla.
dag conjunction for, as, because
rachta, rachtas noun (ethereal) heart
vlo'ar, vlo'a, vlo'am adjective full (of)
hjislar, hjisla, hjislam adjective sweet
denha, denhas noun (ethereal) scent, smell
klet, klet, kleth adjective lovely
mlotan verb to bloom
veilar, veila, veilam adjective little
vnola, vnolas noun (ethereal) flower
deiga, deigas noun (ethereal) joy, happiness
stam onomatopoeia stomp
the'ar, the'as noun (terrestrial) hill
narala, naralas noun (ethereal) maiden
nara, naras noun (ethereal) girl, woman
sralet, srale noun (ethereal) darling
klot, klo noun (ethereal) greeting
klotan verb to greet
tjakan verb to write
tjakar, tjakas noun (terrestrial) note, written thing
tjakasra, tjakasras noun (ethereal) documentation, official record
rho'esra tjakasra, rho'esras tjakasras noun (ethereal) passport
dha- prefix (on verbs) passive voice prefix
(on nouns) creates noun representing the typical patient of the root noun's typical action
chnajan verb to create, cause (the patient to do)
dhachnajag adverb accidentally, inadvertently, without trying
kevrasta, kevrastanes noun (ethereal) suspicion
dhachnajan kevrasta verb phrase to create suspicion of wrongdoing by denying committing that wrong without being initially suspected
roskar, roskas noun (terrestrial) skin, hide, peel
(programming) user interface
ga- prefix de-, un-, forms verbs denoting a reversal or removal of an action, object, or attribute
garoskan verb to peel, skin
nouget, nouge noun (terrestrial) (meat) nugget
noug, nouchs noun (terrestrial) (slang) nug, synonym of nouget
Note: This noun has an irregular declension
Declension Singular Plural
Nom-Acc noug nouchs
Dative nou noums
Genitive nouchs noun
Garoska aff sae nouchs? sentence Do y'all peel your nuggs?
klavrig, klavrag, klavrog adjective straight, even, aligned
klavritan verb to straighten
kaeskan verb to break
kaeskar, kaeskas noun (terrestrial) (electrical engineering) switch
kaeskalar, kaeskalas noun (terrestrial) (electrical engineering) button
klavrikaeskar, klavrikaeskas noun (terrestrial) (electrical engineering) rectifier
(Internet) moderator, forum janitor
kleskar, kleskas noun (terrestrial) shortening of klavrikaeskar
klavrikaeskan verb (electrical engineering) to rectify
klavrikaeska, klavrikaeskanes noun (ethereal) (electrical engineering) rectification
domination of a society
aet preposition off, down from
aum preposition on, on top of
aumkaeskan verb to switch on
aetkaeskan verb to switch off
va'en verb to live
vaena interjection hail!
Vaena Tula! sentence Long live Tyla!
altha, althanes noun (spiritual) victory
aumva'en verb to be born
aumvaetera noun (ethereal) birthday
Degasra aumvaetera! sentence Happy birthday! (said to single person)
Degasras aumvaeteras! sentence Happy birthday! (said to multiple people)
nast preposition across, perpendicular to
(with numbers) multiplied by, (with vectors) cross product
Usage note: nast is for perpendicular lines crossing; use malg for opposite sides
malg preposition across from, on the other side of
(with vectors) dot product
Usage note: malg is for crossing from one side to the other; use nast for perpendicular directions
vtachshta, vtachshtas noun (ethereal) diplomacy
shtashtasram, shtashtasras noun (spiritual) government department, ministry
-lar, -la, -lam nominal suffix diminutive suffix
kauvalam, kauvalas noun (spiritual) wine
kauvalasrar, kauvalasras noun (terrestrial) drunkard (male)
kauvalasra, kauvalasras noun (ethereal) drunkard (female)
rotjakan verb to post (e.g. to a forum or message board)
rotjaka, rotjakas noun (ethereal) a post (e.g. on a forum)
rovkachtan verb to comment
rovkachta, rovkachtas noun (ethereal) a comment
chnajavrastan verb to show, share with
katolar, katolas noun (terrestrial) profile, persona
sivur, sivus noun (terrestrial) page, piece of paper
ksasivur, ksasivus noun (terrestrial) webpage
vlukar, vlukas noun (terrestrial) picture, drawing
ksavlukar, ksavlukas noun (terrestrial) photograph
katolaksavlukar, katolaksavlukas noun (terrestrial) profile picture
KLKar, KLKas noun (terrestrial) PFP, shortening of katolaksavlukar
tachram, tachras noun (spiritual) gratitude, thanks
tachra interjection thank you, thanks
Tachra vrastani. sentence Thanks for watching.
knaegan verb to enjoy
iknaegan verb to press the like button
vkoal, vkoal noun (terrestrial) line
rovkal, rovkal noun (terrestrial) path
rovkavra, rovkavranes noun (ethereal) (Internet) feed, channel
vog preposition below
vochor adverb down below
Iknaegan, kevrastan seola rovkavra, tan rovkachtan vochor. sentence Please hit that like button, subscribe to my channel, and comment down below.
alalan verb to conquer (in battle)
Usage note: althanan means to conquer territory in war, while alalan means to defeat the opponent in battle.
Eja, eja, eja! Alala! war cry Yes, yes, yes! (We) conquer!
Historical note: this Tylan war cry was derived from a Fiuman war cry of humanity during the Age of Earth. It was adapted into the Tylan language and is where the word alalan comes from. The answer-verb ejan already existed prior, however.
nohan verb to be able; can
reodan verb to be allowed; may
javan verb to be allowed (implied: by the speaker)
Usage note: in some contexts, it would be preferred to use reodan instead, for instance pae reodan ralvrek vtissen "you may sit there", as using javan would be condescending, as though the speaker had the right to prohibit the listener from sitting there.
dathran verb to trade, barter
geunen verb to donate to (+DAT)
vporag adverb again
eivporag adverb once again
truget noun (ethereal) regret
vtach truge adverb unfortunately, regretfully
truges interjection sorry
todan verb to need
eula, eulas noun (ethereal) treaty, contract
kava, kavas noun (ethereal) color
talsar, talsas noun (terrestrial) gold
nonau adverb surely ...?
Usage note: used with a yes/no question when the speaker expects a "yes" answer.
nam adverb (negative statement), right?
Usage note: used with a yes/no question when the speaker expects a "no" answer.
vachnanou adverb let me guess
Usage note: used with a yes/no question when the speaker desires a "no" answer but expects a "yes" answer.
vachnau adverb let me guess (not)
Usage note: used with a yes/no question when the speaker desires a "yes" answer but expects a "no" answer.
choa conjunction or (inclusive)
erch conjunction or (exclusive)
kaupen verb to have
ktorcha, ktorchas noun (ethereal) point, argument, idea, thesis
gaktorcha, gaktorchas noun (ethereal) retort, counterargument, antithesis
voktorcha, voktorchas noun (ethereal) resolution, reconciliation, synthesis
lojar, loja, lojam adjective real, actual
gau preposition to, in response to
taunan verb to think
veissar, veissa, veissam adjective good
tourvar, tourvas noun (terrestrial) word
tourvassar, tourvassas noun (terrestrial) sentence
ktorchasrar, ktorchasra, ktorchasram adjective rational, sensible, reasonable
tiliar, tilia, tiliam adjective small
vauram, vauras noun (spiritual) (electric) charge
sanlam, sanlas noun (spiritual) mass
luchaheth, luchahe noun (spiritual) spin (of a particle)
sanlar, sanlas noun (ethereal) matter
vaurasra, vaurasras noun (ethereal) electron
rovaurar, rovaura, rovauram adjective positively charged
anvaurar, anvaura, anvauram adjective negatively charged
gavaurar, gavaura, gavauram adjective not electrially charged
vaurasra gavaura, vaurasras gavauras noun (ethereal) electron neutrino
feoran verb to carry
rojachen verb to interact
feora rojachen, feoras rojachen noun (ethereal) force carrier (fundamental boson)
autot, autot, autot adjective weird, strange
skissar, skissa, skissam adjective sticky
jachar, jachas noun (terrestrial) number, scalar
aentan verb to point at
aentar, aentas noun (terrestrial) vector
echalar, echala, echalam adjective basic, elementary, fundamental
lagsar, lagsas noun (terrestrial) shadow
kamaret, kamare noun (ethereal) comrade
vulkar, vulka, vulkam adjective strong
vulkashtam adjective hegemony
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