Ciar Nicólei III

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Ciar Nicólei III
Kjar Nikolae III
Reign 232 OC - present (256 OC)
Predecessor Dracan I
Heir Apparent Aquilina
Chancellors Malcorów
Personal info
Born 23 Freiheti 216
Full name Nicólei Dracanić Mehurdów
House Mehurdów
Father Dracan I
Mother Victoria II
Children Anźe

Nicólei III (full. Nicólei Dracanić Mehurdów, Tyl. Nikolae Drakanes-Senir Mechirdos Vathenras-Rho'et) is the current Ciar of Mechyrdia, reigning since the 15th of Hómihéti, 232 OC. He is celebrated as Nicholas the Reformist (Mec. Nicólei Reformimendi) due to his actions in support of change and an end to corruption in the Mechyrdian Senate.

Family background and Coronation

Nicólei was born in the Imperial Palace Station orbiting Mechyrdia, the eldest child of Ciar Dracan I and Ciaricia Victoria II. He has two younger siblings: Princj Giórgj and Princicia Luci. Nicólei often referred to his father nostalgically in speeches after Dracan's death, as Dracan had often told Nicólei of Mechyrdia's need for reform.

In his childhood, Nicólei made frequent visits with his parents and siblings to the Cathedral of Tyla in the Imperial Palace Station to visit the Tylan delegation.

At the death of Dracan due to old age, Nicólei was elected to be the new Ciar. His coronation was held within the Throne Room of the Palace Station.

Reformist advocacy

Nicólei, immediately after his coronation, advocated for reform within the Empire. He saw the problems posed by the establishment class, and so he fired Chancellor Malcorów and dissolved the Senate to call for new elections. These new elections saw the Mercantile Union lose its dominance, being replaced by the Brain of the People. This has made him very popular with the Mechyrdian people, despite the media's attempts to smear the Ciar as a tyrant, as they saw the Mercantile Union as too enabling of international monopolies.

The New Chancellor

The Brain of the People still had to form a coalition, as they did not have a majority, so they chose their old rival the Mercantile Union. They knew, however, that the Ciar would choose their candidate, not the Mercantile Union's, due to the corruption that they have allowed. The Ciar appointed Nike Cirnawić Fauśtówa, a businesswoman and former CEO of Ćarlamaín-Ludović Corporacj.

Fauśtówa started on anti-trust legislation to break up communications monopolies. Media that claimed to be platforms were held to that standard. Those that curated content according to political views were stripped of legal protection and reinstated as publishers; this often marked the end of the company, as their status as publisher meant that they were held liable for all illegal content on their servers.

Fauśtówa held office for four terms as Chancellor. The next chancellor was Crennów, who was widely derided, as he got few reforms done. He served less than one term before being fired by the Ciar. The chancellor after him is Marc Adlerić Basileiów; appointed in 252 OC, he is the current Chancellor of Mechyrdia.


  • "My dress outfit for imperial ceremonies is kind of uncomfortable. Normally I just wear a T-shirt and sweatpants around the palace. I don't get people who always wear formal clothes. Sometimes it's good to go casual!"
  • "Oh, I got a letter! Written on paper! Not many people use these anymore! Let's see what it says... Its exact words are 'Capital I. Space. Capital I. Capital I. Newline. Capital I. Capital I. Space. Capital L.' Alright, fuck it, is this Loss?"
  • "Cereal before milk, or milk before cereal? Neither; it's milk and cereal at the same time."
  • "Milk, cereal, then bowl? I've seen that before, but I still maintain that it's inferior to milk and cereal at the same time."
  • "Someone just asked me how it would be possible to pour milk and cereal at the same time. You have two hands, don't you?"
  • "Holodeck malfunctions on the Enterprise only affect other ship systems because their network is poorly configured. Change my mind."



  • Capitalism
  • Fair representation
  • Industrialization
  • Freedom of speech
  • Civilian gun ownership
  • Civilian armed vehicle ownership
  • Civilian military-grade starship ownership
  • Correct spelling and grammar (when speaking Mechyrdian or Tylan)
  • Synthetic languages
  • Pouring milk and cereal at the same time


  • Environmentalism
  • Socialism
  • Pacifism
  • Hiring/promoting based on immutable characteristics
  • Censorship
  • Analytic languages
  • People who are smug and wrong at the same time
  • People who moderate internet forums for free
  • People who take photos of their screens instead of taking a screenshot
  • Erebus
  • Being picked up by giant robots or people
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