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The Mechyrdian Senate is the legislative body of the Empire of Mechyrdia. It is made up of three camerae: the Relmiraþ, made up of a constant number of senators per sector, the Relmitah, weighted by sector population, and the Relmigascaft, made up of shares that are bought and sold.


There are seven parties represented in the Relmitah and Relmiraþ, as well as one banned party and three on probation:

Name Translated Description
Ruling parties
Hirsnia Fólki Brain of the People The Brain of the People is the largest party in the Senate. Believing in deregulating the market and breaking up monopolies and trusts, they have two major factions: the National Liberals and Fiscal Conservatives.
Mercantil Unió Mercantile Union The Mercantile Union is the market liberal party, believing in free markets and free trade. Previously winning consistent pluralities, the MU has lost its dominance to the Brain of the People.
Patrihetifrónt Fatherland Front The Fatherland Front is the national conservative party. They stand for the government legislating in support of what they claim Mechyrdian values are, such as increasing the influence that the Tylan Church has on Mechyrdian policy. Some, but not all, of their members also support a minor welfare state, to prevent workers from supporting radical ideologies.
Opposition parties
Hercj Pópuli Heart of the People The Heart of the People is the social democratic party, believing in regulating the market in support of monopolies the working class. They're popular among the more socially-minded middle-class suburb dwellers.
Federalmendis Parti Federalist Party The Federalist Party is the social liberal party. They are often described as an in-between of the Heart of the People and the Mercantile Union.
Unstuolic Parti Monarchy Party The Monarchy Party is the absolutist party, seeking to abolish the Senate and allow the Ciar to rule by decree. They have never received the endorsement of any Ciar.
Special parties
Miliciascaft Military Representation The military is also represented in the Senate, with a mandatory 1/8 of the seats in both the Relmiraþ and the Relmitah. They are unelected, instead appointed by High Command. It is rare for them to be included in the ruling coalition, however political scientists are saying that soon it may be necessary, with the rise of radical far-left and far-right ideologies.
Parties on probation
Verdanfrónt Green Front The Green Front is the ethnosocialist party. They bear the legacy of the Ferþlon rebels and their way of life, they still champion the Righteous Cause of the Insurrection, and they will stop at nothing to make humanity answer for its crimes.
Neuþingari Revolutionaries The Revolutionaries form the international socialist party. They support the idea of collectivizing industry and a galactic revolution. They also deny the war crimes committed by the Ilkhan Commune during the Great Galactic War.
Seival Naródi Soul of the People The Soul of the People is the national populist party. They support corporatist economics and autocratic nationalism, modeled on the government of the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat.
Banned parties
Cónteri Naródimendiri Practicj Anti-Ultranationalist Practice ConterNP used to be the revolutionary terrorist party that advocates for violent revolution against the Basileiów Chancellery, as they see it as being nothing more than a fascist dictatorship. It was banned in Patrihetimónaþ of 255 for using its campaign funds to finance terrorist attacks across the Empire.

Parties on probation are allowed seats in both houses of the Senate, however they are not allowed to vote on legislature. Their members are simply observers.


The Relmigascaft does not use the normal partisan or electoral systems; instead, people buy shares of various sizes from the government, and use these shares to vote on legislature. The more money a share is backed by, the more weight the vote has.

Voting system

The way that legislation makes its way across the Senate and Chancellery is that first it must be reviewed, discussed, and approved by the three houses of the Senate. The discussion is directed by the Chancellor, after which the bill is voted on.

  • If the bill is passed by zero houses, it is discarded.
  • If the bill is passed by one house, the Chancellor may opt to review it. If the Chancellor chooses so, it goes back to the Senate for second discussion. Otherwise, it is discarded.
  • If the bill is passed by two houses, the Chancellor may opt to review it. If the Chancellor chooses so, it goes back to the Senate for second discussion. Otherwise, it is sent to the Ciar.
  • If the bill is passed by all three houses, it is sent to the Ciar.

The Ciar has a choice to either sign or veto the bill. If the bill is signed by the Ciar, it becomes law. If it is vetoed on the other hand, it gets sent back to the Senate, where it undergoes a stricter voting procedure.

  • If the bill is passed by fewer than all three houses, it is discarded.
  • If the bill is passed by all three houses, it is automatically signed into law.

Weighted Sortition

The seats in the Mechyrdian legislature operate on a system of weighted sortition. The results of legislative elections in each Mechyrdian sector translates to the chance that each party has of being elected to a seat.

For instance, in the 254 legislative elections, the Angrivar sector had the following vote results:

Party Percentage of the vote
Brain of the People 36.1%
Mercantile Union 29.2%
Heart of the People 10.4%
Fatherland Front 9.0%
Federalist Party 7.6%
Monarchy 2.8%
Soul of the People 2.1%
Revolutionaries 1.5%
Green Front 1.3%

Thus, in the Rélmiraþ, the Brain of the People had a 36.1% chance of getting the seat, the Mercantile Union had a 29.2% chance of getting the seat, and so on. This random choice was done for each seat, and in the election, the Brain of the People got 2 seats, and the Mercantile Union got 1.


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