Admiral Cólskeiów

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Giósef Wiscarić Cólskeiów
Admiral colskeiow.png
Branch Navy
Rank Chief Admiral
Known for Battle of Kassargrad
Supporting the Diadochi Wall
Having a lot of quotes

Chief Admiral Giósef Wiscarić Cólskeiów is a politician and former naval academy instructor who serves as the current Chief Admiral of the Mechyrdian Navy. Previously he worked as a professor of Naval Strategy at the Clauciów-Vleuskavig Naval Academy. Cólskeiów also served as Fleet Admiral of Miliciaśtaþem Patrol Group Beta from 250 to 253.


Cólskeiów was born in 192 on Kraff Kogram, Wostóctyla. He attended the Frourión University in Kassargrad, Sal Fututricum, dual-majoring in Starship Engineering and Economics with a specialization in military logistics. After graduating, he enlisted in the Navy, serving as Assistant Chief Engineer on a Mechyrdian starship. There, he derived the Cólskeiów Equation for electricity-hyprite ratios in the circumspace drive for traveling to other universes, which is still used today. Later, he assumed captaincy of another ship, where he was soon promoted to Commodore.

Vacation and the Battle of Kassargrad

Cólskeiów took a vacation from the Navy in 247, retiring to his waterfront house on Śtalwarþ. It only lasted 5 months, however, as he recalled himself to the Navy after the news of a Diadochi fleet moving towards Kassargrad. Cólskeiów had a personal history with the planet; it's where he attended university. He boarded a ship and set course, arriving to the battle 17 minutes before the Diadochi arrived. The Mechyrdian victory was largely credited to Cólskeiów, who was promoted to Rear Admiral as a result.

Admiralty and professorship

Cólskeiów ascended the ranks up to becoming Fleet Admiral of Miliciaśtaþem Patrol Group Beta in 250. In 253, he retired again to become a professor at the Clauciów-Vleuskavig Naval Academy, where he taught the Naval Strategy 2 and Macroeconomics 1 classes. He often gave speeches in public promoting Chancellor Basileiów's idea of fortifying the border systems with Diadochi space. He stressed the necessity of halting raids and invasions, and condemned the policies of Sal Fututricum's sector government. The Chancellor listened to these speeches, and offered Cólskeiów a seat as Chief Admiral of the Mechyrdian Navy, which the admiral accepted.


Cólskeiów has written three books, and is in the process of writing a fourth:

  • Void Combat Tactics and Strategy: Why Ramming is ALWAYS a Good Idea!
  • Void Combat Logistics: Atom Printers Don't Solve Everything
  • What Happened to Mechyrdia? Legacy of the Fulkreyksk Cold War


  • "Mechyrdia's official foreign policy is two Latin phrases. The first is cuius regio, eius rectio; 'whose realm, his governance'. In other words, we don't engage in war to spread ideology, because our ideology is only right from the perspective of us and those who agree with us. It works for us, yes, but it won't work for everyone. To spread ideology through conquest is to concede to tyrants and brutes the idea that 'might makes right'. The second is Si vis pacem, para bellum; 'if you wish for peace, prepare for war'. Meaning, that when there is a genuine threat to Mechyrdia, we do not sit and do nothing, we do not delay and wait for it to become even stronger, and we do not try to negotiate and try to bribe the threat to stay away from us. Instead, we destroy those threats."
  • "War is one of the many tools within the toolbox of diplomacy."
  • "Diplomats are also found within the toolbox of diplomacy, because they're a bunch of tools themselves."
  • "War is never prevented, it is merely delayed to the enemy's benefit. When there is a threat to our country, we must contain it as soon as possible, because the more we delay, the stronger it becomes."
  • "Navy engineers can do the impossible right away. The unimaginable might take a little longer."
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