Admiral Spire

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Admiral Spire
Adm spire.png
Branch Imperial Navy
Rank Lord High Admiral
Known for Gothic War
13th Black Crusade

Admiral Spire is a Lord High Admiral of the Imperial Navy, and the commander of the Mechyrdian-Imperial Military Attaché. Originally a Captain, Spire quickly rose through the admiralty's ranks due to his skill in the 12th Black Crusade, playing a vital role in keeping artifacts out of Abaddon's hands during the war.

He and his fleet returned from the warp during the 13th Black Crusade, discovering that Cadia had been destroyed. During the renewed war around the former Cadian Gate, Spire met the reborn Roboute Guilliman and retained his position of high command.

When Mechyrdia made first contact with the Imperium, they formed a naval attaché at Guilliman's behest. Spire was selected to lead this attaché, and was sent to Mechyrdia. Some suspect that the Inquisition had a rule in selecting Spire, as they believed him to be a threat due to his great skill.


  • "The reason my tone of voice sounds so bored is because I am bored. I've seen it all."
  • "Petty political squabbles have no place where the survival of humanity is at stake."
  • "Democracy seems nice on paper, but far too often it has been subverted by the agents of Chaos. The most of it that planetary governments should use is a guided, authoritarian democracy."
  • "Communism? Many planets have already tried to put that into effect, where everyone receives what they need to live and works for the God-Emperor's glory. But it doesn't work out without an incentive, as the working class often isn't bright enough to comprehend the idea of serving something greater than themselves. I apologize if I seem insulting, that is merely what I have observed."
  • "Fascism can work on planetary governments, so long as the people idolize the Emperor's example and not any mortal governor. We've seen what that leads to during the reign of Goge Vandire."
  • "For the last time, the Imperium is not fascist! Fascism implies a massively centralized government, and while the Imperium may be authoritarian due to the Inquisition, it is not centralized! Its government is probably the most decentralized in the entire galaxy!"
  • "I've allied with the Aeldari twice, and I would do it again, but only if necessary."
  • Spire: "The Adeptus Astartes are humanity's finest warriors. I--"
    Commodore Kage: "Is Guilliman paying you to say that?"
    Spire: "No, no. Well actually, yes. He is."



  • The Imperial Creed
  • Human supremacy
  • Pragmatic alliances with xeno races
  • Authoritarianism


  • Most political ideologies


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