Anthem of Mechyrdia

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The National Hymn of Mechyrdia is the current national anthem of the Empire of Mechyrdia. Its lyrics were written as a collaborative effort between Aquilar Dominów and Shokar Aurelkas, and its tune was taken from an anthem of old Erþ. The anthem is written in four verses: two Mechyrdian and two Tylan; all are sung at patriotic events, to show unity between Mechyrdia and Tyla.

Naciahym Mehurdias
Nakjahumnar Mechirdias
National Hymn of Mechyrdia
Tune: Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser
Mechyrdian Translated

Bohi aufhald, Bohi pórteh,
Nóstru Ciaru et folkim!
Wepaniþ haittiþ "nóster teh",
Vi marćanas futurim!
Wepane haitte mahtuþ,
Vi indóbilim dónas!
Sóldatiþ ansinte wahtuþ,
Panþanmum vi méronas!

Gods preserve, Gods protect,
Our Emperor and peoples!
With the weapons of our technology,
We march to the future!
With the weapon of our might,
We can do the impossible!
With our soldiers on the watch,
We are destined for immortality!

Tylan Translated

Vargeta vchaldhor moret Kjar,
Moret Kjar pravil pshala!
Kjal saks vreta, kjal saks saugjar,
Irtshana vra kanjala!
Tan heraldhikas skuthas vras,
Legarnam pravilg ksoulat!
Vra anrho'i misa rolas,
Ou vraehe mutha pshalat!

May the Gods save our Emperor,
Our true and holy Emperor!
High as a ruler, high as a sage,
He stands in glory's light!
And from his heraldic shield,
Justice truly shines!
He brought tyranny away from us,
And blesses us with freedom!

Mechyrdian Translated

Bohi pórteh, Bohi aufhald,
Nóstru Ciaru et folkim!
Mundterra Mehurdias kald,
Calidót a nóstrim werkim!
Hercir tyrannisó blacró,
Lihtat a mahtu Ciarim!
Bloþ et goþ pór nóstró Ciaró,
Pan a manim Bohisim!

Gods protect, Gods preserve,
Our Emperor and peoples!
The cold world of Mechyrdia,
Is heated by our labor!
As for the darkness of tyrants' hearts,
The Emperor's might brought light to it!
Blood and glory for our Emperor,
All by the firm hands of the Gods!

Tylan Translated

Vargeta vchaldhor Kjar moret,
Moret Kjar pshala pravil!
Doaha vra virtus ansoret,
Popul vorthamat smenvil!
Mus athalak tshanor vreakjols;
Ire aene gjani tset;
Ire pshalkas Kjarshtas geakjols,
Vchaldhat mutha Kjar moret!

May the Gods save our Emperor,
Our holy and true Emperor!
He adorns himself in virtue,
And deems the people worth his mind!
May we all stand together here;
In unity there is glory;
Where in our holy empire,
Our Emperor protects us!

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