Battle of the Ghost Fleet

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Battle of the Ghost Fleet
Part of The War of the Arkant Horde
Date 17 Hómiheti 139 OC
Location Outer Belt, Kozachnia Prime
Result Pyrrhic Mechyrdian Victory
  • Arkant Horde routed
  • Mechyrdian evacuation 3 days layer
Arkant Horde Mechyrdia
Commanders and leaders
Khan Suvoth Althana Aekarias
13 ships 3 cruisers, 15 destroyers, 11 corvettes
Casualties and losses
Critical Heavy

The Battle of the Ghost Fleet was a battle of the War of the Arkant Horde that took place in the Outer Belt of the Kozachnia system, in southwest Nicólei, on 17 Hómihet, 139 OC. The incident got its name from the ghostly, translucent appearance of the Mechyrdian ships after they jumped out of the black hole.


The Arkant Horde's invasion continued into the Kozachnia system at the end of Honóri; the attack consisted of 6 light ships, 3 ships of the line, and 4 capital ships led by Khan Suvoth. Mechyrdian defenses were manned by 29 ships of the 622nd Defense Fleet, as well as 14 armed volunteer ships.

The Arkants opened their attack with a bombardment of black hole catalyst missiles. These missiles create black holes on impact with atomic matter. The Mechyrdian ships had no defenses against these missiles, as the Arkant Horde had equipped them with cloaking technology. The Mechyrdian ships were sucked into the black holes, and would have all been destroyed, if it weren't for Commodore Althana Aekarias. She had the idea for the ships to jump into circumspace as they were falling into the the black holes' event horizons. The ship captains agreed and executed what is now known as the Althana Maneuver.

When they emerged from circumspace, their ships were partially out of universal phase, giving them a ghostly and translucent appearance. The Arkants became panicked at this, calling the ships "demon vessels". They retreated, with their impulse drives running so fast that they fell into their own minefield. The Mechyrdian ships, meanwhile, fired on the fleeing Arkants.

The Mechyrdians did not hold the area much longer, as they were forced to withdraw to the planet Kosachnia. They fortified the planet as much as possible against invasion, however these events would prove futile as the Arkant Horde captured it on the 3rd of Patriheti.

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