Chancellor Basileiów

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Marc Adlerić Basileiów
Ćancellar Mehurdias
Ćancellar Basileiów.png
Appointed in 252
Party Brain of the People
Previous Carolar Vascówić Crennów
Vice Chancellor Celeśt Ferrawića Acranówa

Marc Adlerić Basileiów is the current Chancellor of Mechyrdia. Appointed on a platform of continuing the reform that Chancellor Fauśtówa started, Basileiów broke up several large monopolies that dominated Mechyrdia's entertainment, culture, and news industry, and legally forbade them from colluding with each other to influence Mechyrdian elections. Wéteras-Giótani, Silva, and many others found their corporations dissolved by legal action. Basileiów also revisited alliances from the Fulkreyksk Cold War, demanding that allies contribute to the required defense spending of the treaty organization.


  • Addendum to the Marcanów Doctrine
    Chancellor Basileiów proposed that when dealing with nations with which a war would be too destructive, that a better approach would be to limit their influence outside of their borders and keep them contained in an iron cage. This was in response to the Isarnareyksk Junta attempting to influence other former parts of Fulkreykk into restoring the Authoritariat.
  • Fortification of the Diadochi Border
    The Diadochi, age-old remnants from the Arkant Horde, have proven to be a problem to Mechyrdia. Basileiów has decided to extend the Megaliów Line from just the Starkihet sector to covering the entire border to the galactic west.
  • Deregulation of the economy
    When the Mercantile Union was in a coalition with the Heart of the People and the Federalist Party, it conceded several economic programs and regulations that, in the long term, only served to hold up poverty and entrench monopolies in the market. Basileiów is removing these regulations, in order to allow the poverty rate to resume falling and reduce the power that monopolies have.
  • Removal of the charity tax
    The Mercantile Union installed a tax on charity, which they claimed was in order to promote a program of meritocracy. In reality, it was to ensure the dominance of the Heart of the People's welfare system. Basileiów is removing this tax entirely.
  • Breakups of international or anti-Mechyrdian monopolies
    Under the Mercantile Union's administration, many monopolies were influenced by the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat and covertly turned against Mechyrdian values. Basileiów is using old anti-trust legislation (ironically signed into effect in a concession to the Heart of the People) to break up the monopolies and reduce their power.
  • Encouragement of private weapons ownership
    Basileiów sought to undo the damage that the Federalists and Heart of the People had done, and embarked on a propaganda campaign to encourage everyone to buy weapons for self-defense, attacking alien raiders, and even potential revolution in the case of an oppressive government.
  • Economic self-sufficiency
    Basileiów has made it his personal goal to make Mechyrdia economically self-sufficient like it used to be. Using calculated tariffs and sanctions, the Chancellor is reducing the dependency Mechyrdia has on other nations, such as the oppressive Isarnareyksk Junta or the unreliable Niska Republic.
  • Semi-privatization of government departments
    Basileiów is implementing his idea to generate government revenue by alternative means: by turning various minor government departments into state-run businesses operating on the profit model and competing with private businesses of the same industry. The Chancellor says that this has two benefits: additional government revenue allowing for tax cuts, as well as making these departments more efficient due to competition.


  • "Calling supply and demand oppressive because people die if they refuse to work is like calling gravity oppressive because people die if they jump off a tall building."
  • "Statists think only in terms of the state, that's why they're called statists. All that's good must be made mandatory, all that's bad must be forbidden, all by their beloved Daddy State."
  • "The old public schools were like a microcosm of the welfare state. The smarter students were told to fall in line or be punished, often with words like 'because I said so' and 'you're confusing your peers', while the retarded students were rewarded with participation trophies."
  • "Let's say that you buy the ingredients for some bread, as well as an oven to bake it in, as well as the electricity and fuel to power the oven. Let's also say that you hire someone to mix the ingredients, put them into the oven, and turn the oven on to bake it. Finally, let's say that you sell the bread. To whom should the profit go? According to socialists, all of it should go to the person you hired, and you get none. This is in clear spite of the fact that you're the one who made the whole business venture possible."
  • "Justice is holding people responsible for their own actions. Social justice is holding people responsible for the actions of others."
  • "Would you like to hear a story? In a town, there was a severe rodent problem. The infestation got so bad that the town's mayor offered 5 gold coins for every rodent caught and killed. It worked out great at first, people were showing the mayor the dead rodents and he gave them 5 coins each. However, the problem never went away. The town was still infested with rodents. Eventually, the mayor found out that some people were breeding rodents just to kill and give in exchange for gold coins. The mayor cancelled the reward, and without any incentive, the people released the rodents that they were breeding. The town had to be evacuated due to health and safety concerns."
  • "The best leader of a country is someone who hates government. The worst leader of a country is someone who hates the country."
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