International Relations of Mechyrdia

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These nations are considered allies of the Empire. Often with several mutually-beneficial treaties, these nations have done everything to earn Mechyrdia's trust and respect.

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The Empire considers these nations as friends, and can rely on them in a time of need, just as they can rely on Mechyrdia in their times of need.

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Mechyrdia is interested in having closer diplomatic relations with these nations.

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Mechyrdia holds no opinion, positive or negative, of these nations. The Empire is unlikely to aid them unless either they make political concessions to Mechyrdia, or they and Mechyrdia are on the same side of a war. This is the default stance.

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The Empire is not very fond of these nations.

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Mechyrdia sees these nations as rivals. While they aren't enemies, Mechyrdia will never aid them in any way (unless to show Mechyrdian superiority).

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The Empire does not recognize the independence or sovereignty of these nations. Mechyrdia will do what is necessary to destroy them.

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