Marc Caton

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Marc Caton
Gowernatór Olympias Mehurdiasi
Governor caton.png
Sector Olympia
Elected in 253, 256
Party Front Catholique
Predecessor Marcus Marcius Marcanus
Vice Governor Marcel Valois

Marc Caton is the current governor of the Olympia sector. Elected in 253 on a platform of military buildup to defend from Diadochi raiders, his popularity surged after a series of new experimental space weapons platforms, placed in orbit around Mont Impérial, successfully repelled a Diadochi invasion without the need for any Mechyrdian Navy ships.

He was again elected in 256, on a platform of protecting the Catholic faith on worlds such as Mont Impérial and Nouvelle Jaille. His moralistic Christianity often clashes with the Olympian Senate's militaristic Latin paganism.


  • "No army is powerful enough to conquer the stars, but faith can overturn the universe."
  • "If the symbol of Integralism is an upper-case sigma Σ for summation, and the integral is merely the limit of Riemann summation, then would the symbol of Differentialism be an upper-case delta Δ for average change, as the differential itself being the limit of average rate of change?"
  • "What is Differentialism? Good question! It's the opposite of Integralism!"
  • "What is the opposite of Integralism? Also a good question! That's Differentialism!"
  • "It is the duty of every faithful Catholic to cry out against fate, rather than bow our heads and succumb. To call upon the strength of God and Christ himself is our natural right when the entire mortal world stands against us. Have no fear, brothers and sisters in faith, for this hour is God's hour! Dieu le veut!"



  • Catholicism
  • Catholic Integralism
  • Defense of the faith
  • Sector protection of French language and culture
  • Making both Catholicism and Latinate paganism the official religions of Olympia


  • Left-wing anarchism
  • Right-wing anarchism
  • Excessive militarism
  • International socialism
  • Laissez-faire capitalism
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