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The Mechyrdian Army is the planetary warfare service branch of the Mechyrdian Armed Forces. It is one of two uniformed service branches of Mechyrdia, the other being the Mechyrdian Navy.



An infographic made by the Mechyrdian Army

The standard Mechyrdian foot soldier has the following equipment:

  • Portable shield/camo generator
    A portable generator that projects either a personal combat shield or a personal cloaking field. The personal shield soaks up damage at the cost of shield charge. The personal cloak also uses charge over time, and soldiers can't shoot or use their shield while cloaked.
  • Stormrifle
    Standard issue Mechyrdian Army assault rifle.
  • Stormpistol
    Standard issue Mechyrdian Army sidearm.
  • Ammo
    Standard issue ammunition for standard issue Mechyrdian Army assault rifle and standard issue Mechyrdian Army sidearm.
  • Portable food replicator
    Standard issue Mechyrdian Army food/liquid generator. Its logs can be accessed by superior officers to ensure that soldiers are meeting dietary requirements.

Mechyrdian storm weapons can take multiple types of ammo:

  • Energy
    Fires a bolt of various assorted high-energy particles at the target.
  • Pyron low-yield
    Fires a small bolt of pyron particles, setting the target on fire.
  • Pyron high-yield
    Fires a higher-density bolt of pyron particles, making the target explode.
  • Cryon
    Fires a bolt of cryon particles, freezing the target.
  • Scoton
    Fires a bolt of scoton particles, that cancel out with matter due to their nature as negative energy and release nothing.
  • Neutron
    Fires a stream of neutron particles that give living targets radiation poisoning.


Mechyrdian has only one type of tank in common usage. It has hover-treads, so it can go up in the air and isn't restricted by terrain.

Primary battle tank
Piloting Manual
Crew 4-7 crewmen
Height 2.5 meters
Shield capacity 32-128 Aspides (depends on variant)
Hull integrity 360-480 milliAlvei (depends on variant)
  • 1 fore-fixed stormcannon
  • 1 secondary turret-fixed autocannon
  • 1 primary turret-fixed stormcannon
  • 1 primary turrer-fixed manned autocannon

The Army also had older legacy tanks, that can be used in times of emergency.

Ranks and structure

Chapter structure

Each planet in the Empire has one Chapter. Chapters are divided into companies based on the recruitable population of the planet on which the chapter is based.

Each chapter has only one Master and one Commander, but it can have many Chapter Lieutenants. Likewise, each Company has only one Lord Company Leader, but many of the subordinate Company Leaders. A platoon has only one Senior Platoon Leader, but 1-4 Junior Platoon Leaders.

All platoons have a command (1 Sr. Leader + 1-4 Jr. Leaders) and 20-24 Riflemen. Light platoons have 20-32 Soldiers in addition; Heavy platoons have 8-16 tanks/armors, 12-16 hover-trucks, and 8-12 artillery. Support platoons have 16-24 portable hospitals and 8-12 artillery. However, the artillery used in a Heavy platoon is different from the artillery used in a Support platoon. Heavy platoons' artillery is typically armor-piercing artillery specialized for breaking down enemy locations and fortifications. Support platoons' artillery is typically flak artillery specialized for keeping enemy forces away from the encampment.

Insignia Rank Translation
General Officers (Commissioned national command)
Imperialmarshal.svg Ciarstuos Marsćal Imperial Marshal
Srcommandant.svg Segnor Cómmandant Senior Commandant
Jrcommandant.svg Jugnor Cómmandant Junior Commandant
Srfrontleader.svg Segnor Fróntdómin Senior Front Leader
Jrfrontleader.svg Jugnor Fróntdómin Junior Front Leader
Staff Officers (Commissioned field command)
Overlord.svg Ouperdómin Overlord
Flagleader.svg Vexildómin Flagbearer
Ststormleader.svg Segnor Stourmdómin Senior Assault Leader
Jrstormleader.svg Jugnor Stourmdómin Junior Assault Leader
Chapter Command (Commissioned planetary command)
Chaptermaster.svg Capituli Dómin Chapter Master
Chaptercmdr.svg Capituli Cómmandant Chapter Commander
Chaptersrlt.svg Capituli Segnor Leutenant Chapter Senior Lieutenant
Chapterjrlt.svg Capituli Jugnor Leutenant Chapter Junior Lieutenant
Company Command (Non-commissioned officers)
Ldcompleader.svg Cómpani Herdómin Lord Company Leader
Srcompleader.svg Cómpani Segnor Dómin Senior Company Leader
Vccompleader.svg Cómpani Vicj Dómin Vice Company Leader
Jrcompleader.svg Cómpani Jugnor Dómin Junior Company Leader
Srplatleader.svg Platouni Segnor Dómin Senior Platoon Leader
Jrplatleader.svg Platouni Jugnor Dómin Junior Platoon Leader
Rifleman.svg Carbinór Rifleman
Soldier.svg Sóldat Soldier

Field command

Mechyrdian field command has a more ad-hoc structure, as it is typically made up of the leaderships of multiple chapters, subordinated to the Staff Officers in charge of the front.

The Olympian Sector Army

An Olympian soldier's uniform

The sector of Olympia is unique in having its own army. This stems from the Treaty of Mundus Caesaris Divi (lat. World of the Divine Caesar), where the Olympian Republic was admitted into Mechyrdia as a sector. In the treaty, provisions were made for Olympia to keep its military traditions; this was interpreted in Mechyrdian law as the sector being allowed to have its own semi-independent army.

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