Mechyrdian Intelligence Department

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The Mechyrdian Intelligence Department (Mec: Mehurdias Śpectiþinfós Ministrat MŚM) is an umbrella organization, operated by the Mechyrdian government, that manages all intelligence agencies, whether they be civilian or military, domestic or foreign. Its motto is Ornea saeg vargeta, mus kevrasta, Tylan for "Even the gods we monitor" and was founded on 12 Patrihéti 176. It has five subdivisions:

  • Domestic Intelligence: Tasked with keeping an eye on militants and rebels.
  • Foreign Intelligence: Tasked with keeping an eye on hostile and friendly nations.
  • Political Intelligence: Tasked with keeping an eye on the political factions in the government. All of them.
  • Scientific Intelligence: Tasked with keeping track of scientific anomalies.
  • Military Intelligence: Tasked with reverse-engineering foreign military inventions or decoding foreign communications.
  • Memorintelligence: Tasked with keeping track of memes and social or media trends.

The MŚM reports to the Watch Master, the highest ranking official of the MŚM and a member of the Military High Council. Holding the MŚM accountable to the military was a pragmatic decision by those who established it, as they believed that a civilian agency would be too held to political squabbling, while the military's culture is focused on the mission first and foremost.

The MŚM has no authority over law enforcement; its jurisdiction is entirely within intelligence gathering, domestic/foreign surveillance, and cryptography. This is to prevent abuse of power; just as local police agencies and Imperial Security require warrants to search homes or devices, so too do they require warrants to work with the MŚM.

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