Mechyrdian Memeball

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Image of the memeball

Current power level: ∞

The Mechyrdian Memeball is the personification of the Empire of Mechyrdia. Discovered in 144 OC, how he came into existence is still unknown. However, what is known is that the Memeball has near godlike powers, and has a vested interest in keeping the Empire strong.

The Memeball is a reality warper, able to make entire enemy armies and armadas disappear with a single thought. He also cannot be defeated or destroyed by any means. However, he only awakens and uses his powers when Mechyrdia is facing a foe of vastly superior strength, whether that strength be from technology or size of its military.

Most of the time, the Memeball remains dormant in his own pocket dimension, waiting for when he is needed.

Part of a series on Mechyrdia