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The Mechyrdian calendar is the calendar used in the Empire of Mechyrdia. The calendar groups thirty-two days each into eight months. Years are exactly 256 days long, as the early Mechyrdians towed the planet into an orbit where that would be possible using a gravity pump.

The months of the Mechyrdian calendar are:

Number Name Meaning
0 Unerþ Mónaþ First Month
1 Freiheti Mónaþ Month of Liberty
2 Commercis Mónaþ Month of Commerce
3 Honóri Mónaþ Month of Honor
4 Hómiheti Mónaþ Month of Mankind
5 Patriheti Mónaþ Month of Fatherland
6 Sciencias Mónaþ Month of Science
7 Lezt Mónaþ Last Month

The word Mónaþ means "month". It is typically omitted.

Each month is split into four eight-day weeks. The days of the weeks are:

Number Name Meaning
0 Śteldagar Sun-day (alternatively Star-day)
1 Rexdagar King-day
2 Zemlidagar Planet-day
3 Wótendagar Wodan-day
4 Jóvisdagar Jove-day
5 Kriegasdagar War-day
6 Freidagar Free-day
7 Lundagar Moon-day

Typically people only work or go to school on the first 6 days; the last 2, Freidagar and Lundagar, form weekends where most people don't have work- or school-related obligations. Imperial elections are almost always held on Freidagar.

The date format is "/(100)/(0-7)/(00-37)"; the first group is the year in hexadecimal (currently 10016 or 25610), the second group is the month in octal, and the final group is the day in octal. The initial slash is required.

Days last 16 hours, starting at the 0th hour and ending at the F-th hour. Hours are 64 minutes, each of 64 seconds. The time format is "(0-F).(0-7)(0-7).(0-7)(0-7)"; the first group is the hour in hexadecimal, the second group is the minute in octal, and the optional final group is the second in octal.

The Mechyrdian second is defined as "17,179,869,184 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom, at a temperature of 0K." This is approximately 1.87 times one of your Earth seconds. This means that the Mechyrdian year is approximately 31,373,393.92 Earth seconds, or 99.42% the duration of an Earth year.

For formatting both date and time, a double-colon :: is used to separate them, e.g. /FF/5/25::6.35 is the datetime of the capture of Anfeltz, the last planet held by the terrorist group "Laborer Liberation League".

For storing the date in binary, a 64-bit signed integer is used to count the seconds since/until the beginning of year 0, marking the moment when the Empire was founded: the lowest 6 bits are the second, the next 6 bits are the minute, the next 4 bits are the hour (time of day can be stored in a single 16-bit unsigned integer), the next 3 bits are the day of the week, the next 2 bits are the week of the month, and the 3 bits are the month of the year (thus 8 bits can be used to represent the day of the year). The next 39 bits are the current year, with the sign bit representing the PC/OC (Pre Ciarstuo "Before the Empire"/Ou Ciarstuo "In the Empire") divide when the Empire was founded. A 1 in the sign bit indicates PC, and a 0 indicates OC.

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