Notable Planets of Mechyrdia (list)

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A list of the notable inhabited planets and moons of Mechyrdia. Notable, in this case, means "having a population of over 1 billion"; most planetary inhabitations of Mechyrdia are small colonies or settlements with populations of only a few million.

Name (Standard) Name (Mechyrdian) Name (Tylan) Sector Population (billions) Description
Mechyrdia Mehurdia Mechirdia Mechyrdia 25.6 The capital world of the Empire. Has its own page.
Kaiserswelt Keisarswelt Kaesariveltar Texandria 28.3 Most populous planet in the Texandria sector, and the financial capital of the galaxy. Architecture style is castles, castles, castles. Majority language is High German.
Fairhus Fairƕus Fverchur Texandria 19.2 Capital of the Texandria sector. Majority language is Gothic.
Tyla Tyla Tula Ciapadtyla 14.7 The capital world of the Tylan Republic, and the homeworld of the Tylan species. A massive cathedral-complex, it's known for its technology that looks advanced but isn't.
Vensca Wensca Venska Wostoctyla 14.4 A Tylan colony in the same system as one of the galaxy's only naturally-occurring stable wormholes. This wormhole leads into hostile territory in the galactic west, within Diadochi space, thus Vensca is one of the most heavily-fortified planets in Tylan space.
Roma Nova Rom Neu Roma Vrenaka Olympia 14.1 Capital of the Olympia sector, as well as the spiritual capital of the Latinic faith.
Unheilig Neheilic Unhaelig Janus IV 13.5 Capital of the Janus IV sector. The Army chapter that hails from this planet is known as the Mad Executioners, due to their ferocity with putting down rebellions.
Velocité Velocitas Velositot Ferþlon 12.8 Human stronghold of resistance during the Ferthlon Rebellion, during which it birthed the National Futurist ideology and the Escadron paramilitaries. Speaks French, just like Mont Impérial.

Nowadays, Velocité has a tense relationship with the Imperial government, seeking independence for their État Irreal from Mechyrdia.

The current Patron of Velocité is Anton Danton, a frightening man who carries the same cult of personality that his predecessors had created.

New New Amsterdam Neu Neu Amsterdam Vrevrenakam Amsterdam Nicólei 12.3 The largest settlement of the Dutch Outer Space Company.
Mont Impérial Mons Ciarstuolic Moniar Kjarsrar Olympia 9.6 Home of the Catholic Papacy, as well as a self-proclaimed "crusader planet". Has its own autonomous military within the Olympian military. Unique in Olympia that its majority language is French, while the rest of Olympia speaks Classical Latin.
Calibor Calibór Kalibar Sal Fututricum 8.8 Capital of the Sal Fututricum sector. Highest crime, homelessness, poverty, and public defecation rate in Mechyrdia. Stronghold of the Hercj Populi party, with a growing Verdanfrónt contingent.
Earth Erþ Ertha Nicólei 8.4 Homeworld of humanity. Once the only planet with humans on it, now it's a massive museum-complex dedicated to the Age of Earth.
Brotwelt Brodweralþ Brotaverleth Texandria 7.5 One of the few worlds that is directly administered by the Mechyrdian armed forces, where military decrees overrule even sector law.

Before the Great Galactic War, Brotwelt was an authoritarian syndicalist oligarchy, managed from the top down by a council of labor union leadership. They were allowed autonomy by the imperial government of Mechyrdia, until they rebelled as they saw the war against the Ilkhan Commune as an attack on their values.

Starkihet Prime Śtarkihet Prim Starkiheth Katam Śtarkihet 6.9 Capital of the Śtarkihet sector. Heavily fortified, in both land and space, against Diadochi attacks.
Languavarth Prime Languawarþ Prim Lagovareth Katam Languawarþ Untri 4.7 Capital of the Languawarþ Untri sector, and the homeworld of the Langovian species. Known for the Battle of Languavarth Prime, where the tide of the Great Galactic War famously turned. Also known for having a more pastoral aesthetic to its architecture.
Kozachnia Cosaćnia Kosashnia Nicólei 3.1 Known for being the coldest humanly inhabitable world in the Empire. Majority language is Russian. The Army chapter from here is known as the Kozak Ice Legion due to their skill for inflicting heavy casualties on enemies in the cold. Fun fact: their snipers eat snow to avoid letting people see the fog in their breath.
Mundus Caesaris Divi Weralþ Caisari Bogliki Teru Kaesaros Pshalkas Olympia 2.6 Shrine world dedicated to the Latinic gods. Also the place where the treaty was signed to annex Olympia into Mechyrdia as a sector.
Ferthlon Secundus Ferþlon Secund Ferthlo Vporot Ferþlon 1.8 Current administrative capital of the Ferþlon sector. Maintains a massive listening post to keep track of any rebellious activity in the sector.
Ferthlon Prime Ferþlon Prim Ferthlo Katar Ferþlon 1.6 Former capital of the Ferþlon sector, as well as rebellious Ferthlon Internation. Devastated by the Ferthlon War, it hasn't quite recovered since then. Infrastructure in many areas has completely collapsed, resulting in entire continents being administrated entirely by the mafia.

The parts that the government can control are where the populace lives in fear, as the planetary governor contracts private companies to provide services as secret police agencies, playing the role of judge, jury, and executioner. In order to prevent any revolutionary thought from appearing, these agencies wiretap calls, spy on homes, and make dissidents disappear in the middle of the night. The Mechyrdian imperial government turns a blind eye to this tyranny, partly because it preserves order, but also because of hard feelings from the Ferthlon War.

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