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Tylan Republic

Moashtam Tulasram

Flag-tyla.svg Flag-tylan-theocracy.svg
Flag of the Tylan Republic Flag of the Tylan Theocracy
Map of Tyla within Mechyrdia with sectors labeled. Blue sectors are under Tylan administration, yellow sectors are under Mechyrdian administration, green sectors are under joint administration, and red sectors are under military administration.

Vtach Leiroa Althanava (Tylan)
In the sign of the Eagle, you will conquer (Translated)

Capital Tyla
Official language Tylan
Minority language(s) Mechyrdian
Ethnic groups see Mechyrdia
Religions see Mechyrdia
Population see Mechyrdia
Government Partner government in union with Mechyrdia
Kjar Nikolae Drakanes-Senir Mechirdos Vathenras-Rho'et
Vorstar Markar Adlas-Senir Vasiliras
Pshalam Mureth Vahalia Prevkas-Nahra Stertskas Magnas-Rho'et
Legislature Senatur (Ishtamthel tan Ishtamprog)
Currency Throne (Ŧ), along many privately-operated currencies
GDP see Mechyrdia

Tyla (Tyl. Tula /ty.la/, Mec. Tyla /ti.la/), officially the Tylan Republic (Tyl. Moashtam Tulasram /moa̯.ʃtam ty.la.sɾam/, Mec. Folcstuo Tylas /fɔlk.stʊə̯ ti.las/) is a substate of the Empire of Mechyrdia.


The name Tyla is the transcription of the original Tylan name Tula (genitive form Tulas), which comes from the word tul "dirt" (genitive form tul).


The Tylan homeworld is a moon orbiting the gas giant Helasatta "Star Mother". This gas giant orbits the black hole Turacholam "Tyra's Pit". Because of this, the Tylan homeworld receives relatively little light compared to other planets, getting it from the black hole's accretion disk, and most of its heat is from seismic activity due to tidal forces from Helasatta.



Tylans evolved from a Forerunner template, much as humans did. In spite of this, their differences with humans are enough to make some biologists postulate that the Forerunners used multiple templates. These templates are named Forerunning-A, for the human genome, and Forerunning-1, for the Tylan genome. The letter A and number 1 were chosen as to not offend either group.

The primary differences between Tylan and human physiology are:

  • Tylan blood is blue and copper-based, human blood is red and iron-based.
  • Tylans have pointed tops to their ears, humans have round-topped ears.
  • Tylans see better in the dark, but are more sensitive to light.
  • Tylans generally have paler skin than humans.
  • Tylans' hair colors are naturally metallic silver/blue/pink, human hair colors are not.

Age of Tyl

The Tylans, before they invented the circumdrive, were split into many continents, each split into many warring tribes, empires, feudatories and fiefdoms. Eventually, one empire became the cultural hegemon: the Lihann Empire (Tyl. Kjarshtam Lihannasram). This empire was powerful enough to enforce a planet-wide peace in its favor, to the point where it founded a union of nations that encompassed the entire planet. This new Tylan federation invented the circumdrive, and attracted the attention of the First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat.

Fulkreyksk Tributary

The Tylan Federation was very short-lived. It only lasted 70 years between its founding and the Fulkreyksk invasion.

The Tylans alternated between privilege and oppression under Fulkreykk. It seemed that every Forarr of Fulkreykk had their own idea of what to do with the Tylans, from spreading their religion and letting them colonize other worlds, to suppressing their religion and limiting the number of children that Tylan families can have.

Eventually, there came one Forarr, August von Kasservast, who was oppressive enough that the Tylan priesthood declared a holy revolution against Fulkreykk. This resulted in the establishment of the Tylan Theocracy.

The Tylan Theocracy

The Tylan Theocracy, just after its inception, was nothing like what it would later become. The early Theocracy championed civil rights, protected species and religious minorities, and had a functioning representative democracy.

War with the Drakhassi Federation

The Drakhassi Federation was an authoritarian federal state to the west of the human homeworld Earth. The Drakhassi invaded Earth and its human colonies, and enslaved the local humans. This sparked the Tylan Theocracy, a radically anti-slavery nation, into action. The Tylans declared war on the Drakhassi at the same time that the humans were rebelling against their enslavement.

Human Revolution

The humans seized one of the Drakhassi's planet killers and went to town with it. Their new revolutionary republic wiped out over half of the Drakhassi citizenry before the general Nikolaius Burgund declared himself king and put an end to the destruction. This was a purely pragmatic move, as Nikolaius I would then try to conquer the galaxy. Eventually, he was beaten, and the human realms were balkanized and put under the vassalage of the Theocracy.

Fall of the Theocracy

The Theocratic government of the Tylans was distrustful of humans, as they were the ones most loyal to the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat. This led them to suppress the humans very harshly. Human inventions were banned, and human scientists were forced to work under Tylan supervision.

This angered the humans, who, under the banner of the Empire of Mechyrdia, declared a second human revolution. By this point, the Tylan Theocracy had become oppressive towards its own people too, so the Tylans founded the Tylan Republic and allied with the Mechyrdians to overthrow the Theocracy.

Modern Tyla

See this page for a history of modern Tyla.
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